Sending an Email with an ESP32 Feather

The Thingio Cloud was built to make it really easy to do things like sending an email with an ESP32 or other WiFi equipped development board. You can deploy a new thing based on the email template.
This template starts with a simple button press triggering the email to be sent, however you can easily adapt it to any event. It was built using the ESP32 Feather and the NeoKey Featherwing for a neat form factor, but this can be re-configured for your application. Just swap your GPIO interrupt pins.
Thingio will guide you through the code template and programming steps, but there's a few things to highlight. The publishMessage() function is what configures the email subject and body. This can be updated to any value, such as a sensor reading or a custom message.
void publishMessage() { StaticJsonDocument<200> jsonDoc; jsonDoc["time"] = millis(); jsonDoc["email"] = "{{to email}}"; jsonDoc["subject"] = "Hello from ThingIO"; jsonDoc["body"] = "ThingIO body"; char jsonBuffer[512]; serializeJson(jsonDoc, jsonBuffer); // print to client Serial.println("Sending message!!!"); bool response = thingioCloud.send(THINGIO_SERVICE, jsonBuffer); Serial.print("Message published! "); Serial.println(response); }
With the suggested parts, some fun applications might be a meeting notifier. For example one button might email your work from home partner "Hey, I'm starting a video call!" and the other button might send the message "I'm done with my call". Or with some simple adaptations, you could periodically email yourself a temperature or humidity reading.
Give it a try! Your first Thing is always free forever.