Send an email with a button press on an ESP32

Using the ESP32 Feather, trigger a custom email message to an email address of your choice when a button is pressed. You might use this Thing to email your partner when you're starting a video call, or email yourself when you start work to track hours.

Suggested Parts

Adafruit ESP32-S3 Feather

Adafruit ESP32-S3 Feather

This is the main controller board that will process inputs and connect to WiFi

Adafruit NeoKey FeatherWing

Adafruit NeoKey FeatherWing

This will plug right in to any Feather form factor and provide a nice tactile switch event to the main controller. You can use any switch in its place


Sample code is provided for the suggested parts, but you can modify the sample to work on any device capable of an MQTT connection.

Available code templates

  • Arduino

How it works

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  • Interact with this Thingio service using these keys in your code
  • Use the sample code directly or modify it to fit your project